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Interim Management​​

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​Managing an organization on an interim basis is a niche that requires a quick evaluation, broad experience, and an ability to establish short term accountability.   


Many would view an interim position as a custodial kind of arrangement. The executive needs to shore things up until the permanent executive can be put in place. Often this may be the only objective. At Shamrock, we view the position as a short term to medium term window to accomplish predetermined objectives. The custodial type positions tends to be "run-in-place". Great if you're running on a treadmill, not so good if you are leading a team. We are not interested in these types of assignments. We are interested in assignments that can create value in the organization longer term. The value which we can bring does not necessarily correlate to the duration of the assignment.

Our capabilities tend to provide us engagements at either C-Level or Lead Executive positions, or in a supporting role to an executive already in place in either operations or finance. Those support roles would typically report direct to the CEO/President position. The role could be in a corporate headquarters environment as the CEO of a middle market company, revenues up to a billion dollars, or in a general/plant manager role. While we would certainly contemplate roles outside this range, our fee structure will likely be more acceptable to this type of organization.

Automotive Experience/Heavy Duty Truck

We are generally considered for our manufacturing based expertise. We have serviced the automotive industry for 30 years and have an in depth understanding of the needs and the demands of the OEM supply base.  Our prior experience has been at a CEO level of automotive suppliers to literally all the OEMs in the industry. Much of our expertise lies with the US and Japanese based manufacturers but exposure to European manufacturers is in our experience as well. 

CEO - $300 million revenue of a three plant manufacturer of engine bearings and transmission bushings. Responsible for all facets of managing these operations excluding the treasury function which was performed by an overseas parent. Operations involved stamping and machining of steel blanks or coils, broaching, piercing, notch and finish. Tolerances up to a two micron dimension with a sorting process to match bearings to crankshaft journals. Customers included all US and Japanese OEMs and small presence of  European OEMs. Tremendous presence of quality systems in place and adhered to with all OEMs.

CEO - $300 million revenue of five plant machining and plastic injection/dip molding manufacturer of automotive a heavy duty truck supplier to OEMs. Operations included machining centers, lathe, lapping, broach, and finishing operations. Assembly of components to drive units for heavy duty truck OEMs. Plastic processes included dual durometer parts for rigidity/flexibility, color in multi-shot injection molding processes. Customers included all major OEMs wherein the company worked closely with customer design engineers to jointly solve engineering and cost issues. Focus on quality and lean methods.

Controller - Led financial reporting and acquisition teams for this Fortune 500 company multi industry manufacturer including automotive, plumbing components and household hardware. Reported direct to President and CEO. (No CFO title in the organization.) Assisted legal counsel and bankers in two secondary offerings into public markets. Assisted operations team in analyses of several successful acquisitions. 

CFO - $10 million manufacturer of hemodialysis solutions to support patients with end stage renal disease. Led successful financial effort in Initial public offering on NASDAQ, working with underwriters, investors, in road show. Drafted complete financial sections of the S-1 Prospectus, coordinated audit, resolved SEC comments through multiple discussions with their staff, established NASDAQ contact and coordinated same. The role was very "hands-on" as we were a small company with very limited staff and resources. 

Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Led or advised numerous automotive suppliers into, through and exit from an in court restructuring. In one instance we grew the company during the Ch. 11 process by gaining new business from an automotive OEM through assurances of a financially sound restructuring plan. We have considerable expertise in the in-court restructuring process. Chapter 11 can be beneficial to a company if a well organized and executed Plan of Reorganization is developed, communicated and constantly updated to constituents, effectively implemented through rigorous attention to detail and adherence to time tables. This role is not a "plain vanilla" role, it is a minefield of unknown obstacles often counter intuitive to good business sense, and we would invite you to discuss your situation with us in considerable detail prior to engaging any professional firm.

Heating/Cooling/Refrigeration Industry

CEO and President - $800 million revenue manufacturer of refrigerator and air conditioner compressors. This publicly-traded company had significant international presence including nine manufacturing operations, three technical centers, a US headquarters and a joint venture in China.  Manufacturing consisted of machining and assembly of the compressor pump, fabrication of an electric motors, stamping the compressor housing and assembly and test. Significant change in the operations through implementing lean manufacturing principles which were essentially new concepts to the organization. Designed and built modular automated assembly line which eliminated five lines and allowed all models to be assembled on the same line. Brought in new staff and built a Global research center in Ann Arbor, Michigan to support global R&D efforts. Developed the Product Road Map as the required steps to new product technology and innovation to be competitive in the future. 

Other Industries - Advisory roles

The above roles describe executive positions which we held. We have also served as an adviser to many companies, generally in turn around situations. Most companies have been in a manufacturing environment, but we have also assisted others, such as:

Distribution center operation - coordinating two master distribution centers and twelve field warehouses in the US and Canada with SKUs approximating 20,000, fill rates at near 100%, and next day delivery of parts.

Call center operations (3) located in the Western and Southern US.

Exclusive upper class health club which included restaurant and spa operations.

Manufacturer of vacuum formed signage for auto dealerships, fast food restaurants, and retail stores.

​Numerous buy side due diligence engagements for acquiring PE firms or debt financings.