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Welcome to Shamrock

​The shamrock has often been used as a symbol to capture the attention of the viewer in order to focus on three particular points. Each leaf of this unique plant would contain a quality or a characteristic that the author or firm wants to emphasize. While it was tempting to arrive at three such points at our firm, we resisted. Rather we looked to Ireland, our heritage, for a sense of inspiration and values that described our own. It is those values that we wish to promote, partly from a sense of our own heritage, but mostly because it would be those values that we believed was part of our fabric.

​​Cash Flow improvements through experience.

​The history of the Celtic people is truly one of adversity and challenge. The country doesn't have any particular wealth of raw materials, economic advantages, nor physical advantage. It has been struck with famines, droughts, wars and few resources to fund and recover from these catastrophes. This point is no more clearly embraced than by the historic population of the country, cut in half after two famines, a war and a plague, almost in each of the last four generations. Yet, arguably, there has never been a more amenable, friendly, persevering people than the Irish. Indeed, this is the country of Guinness and Jameson's, of the potato, Irish stew, the Blarney Stone and castles of a time gone by. It is the country of the common man, working hard, enjoying life, family and friends. Hard work, loyalty, honesty and trust are simply a way of life.  It is those values that we believe best describes the fabric of Shamrock Advisory,LLC.

​​​​​​​​​​Our approach to our clients is not revenue oriented, nor rate per hour, nor realization on hours earned. None of the typical consulting firm metrics that many in our industry use to define success.  We don't use them. We are only guided by providing needed services to our clients. We thoroughly enjoy what we do. We are not bothered in trying to get a few more dollars for an engagement. We would absolutely never pitch services that our clients really don't need. We have recommended not taking certain actions during the proposal process, effectively eliminating the prospective engagements. Honest, we did this. Our services have to be for the benefit of our clients.

​We believe we have the experience to share in financial, operational and international matters. Following are the flags of the countries where we have physically spent time. Our exprerience has been in a position of significant authority, generally as a Board member, or a CEO, CFO, COOlevel position with real line authority. These are not advisory roles. Our experience is not simply time in a conference room, a dinner, then back on the plane. These are line positions in substantial organizations. This is time spent in operations, on the floor, attending lean meetings, visiting customers, meeting bankers, visiting vendors. Ours is front line, in the trenches, experience. This is what we share.


Helping companies in difficult situations improve cash flow and profitability.​​

  James J. Connor




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