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​​​​​​​​       The Shamrock Selfie​​

The "selfie" has become as ordinary and common way to share a particular moment with interested (or uninterested, friends or associates. It is the moment in time which intends to capture a situation in an image for all to see. At Shamrock we take the "selfie" to a business level by providing our clients with a quick look at their own situation through the lens of our eyes. We provide the focus and wide angle that is often overlooked in a management team's daily walk about or monthly staff meetings. It is a quick but effective perspective from an informed eye that might show a very different view of the business. 

The Shamrock Selfie can be focused on operations or a financial situation or both combined. It is performed by our team very quickly, 2 to 3 days tops plus a day for a report and an management discussion. Certainly the objective is to get you a quick look very fast, generally completed done and discussed with you within a week.

The review is not detailed, nor is it intended to be. It will be very critical of the situation, not a pessimistic view but certainly a direct and honest assessment. Some of our clients have been surprised at our bluntness of a situation. Perhaps we should be more sensitive, but that takes more time and more "soft" words and generalizations than the selfie process is designed to consume.  It's a week duration, more or less, and we don't have the luxury of "sugar-coating" our views.  That is not to say our views are gospel but the selfie is intended to be an informed view, not a promo for consulting services. It is NOT a loss leader or a pitch for our services. It is an assessment that should provide you with some ideas as to the severity of a situation and offer some broad ideas on next steps. You are free to take our report and share with whomever you please. 

The "Shamrock Selfie" lets you dip your toe in the water, gain another perspective, and provide you with a quick litmus test of the situation. You can take a look at yourself from either an operational or a financial perspective through our lens of experience.  

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